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Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food was..."Vietnamese!" I quickly replied, "At least for the moment."

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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

Three delicious dishes are made from the pork

The pork is usually processed into multiform dishes, combined with other spices.The pork is also easy to process with many vegetables. The following are three delicious dishes which are made from the pork  and easy to make.

Pig's tripes soup

Before slaughter the swine, poured a little rices in a pot to boiled. A root of ginger is buried under ash,it is took out and smashed then pour it into the pot. The swine has slaughtered,to remove the blood along the  swine's spine pour into the pot. To take out  the pig's tripes,to cut out, to mix with onion,pepper and fish sauce. Pig's smal intestine is the most sweet-smelling delicious.

The pig's tripes and Pig's smal intestine are poured the pot. About 5 minutes,to stop cooking,To fish pig's smal intestine out from the pot,to cut them into pieces,then show in the disk. Pig's tripes soup is served with spearmint, green onion and coriander.

Boiled pork

There are many ways to boiled the pork, here to introduce the easiest way to implement:

-The pork is washed as soon as you bought it, not washed before boiling, pour the pork into the pot with the water.
- A few hot peppers (about 5-10 hot peppers for 1 kg meat) are soaked in the boiling water for hot peppers are soft, to remove water,To rub a scratch time and again with spoon with hot peppers, pour the water into the mixture, to reject hot pepper grounds and hot pepper seeds.
-  Sweet basil is washed,a few pip bananas and a little hog-wash.
-All of them are poured  into the meat' pot,to boil.


Boiled meat is removed out from the pot but do not dip the meat in a liquid and to drain on a banana leaf.The meat is sliced, also is put in the banana leaves before show them in the disk. With this way, 90% of fat are disposed. Banana leaf makes the meat is tastier.

Sauce: Coriander (whole trees, their roots), garlices are dried in the fire, crushed ,are mixed  with delicious fish sauce. Add a little water of chillies and thin-skinned sweet orange juice.

Stewed pork

Taro(whittle the peel), sweet potatoes (don't whittle the peel), green beans, glutinous rice, almonds are smashed,then to pour them in the pot. To pour fresh meat (any parts of the swine,the best part is leg of pork or bone of pork) in the pot to stew. When the meat is cooked, remove them and are soaked in alcohol made of sticky rice. Soak about 30-60 minutes then come back into the pot, add flowers cloves, cinnamon ino the pot, to continue the stews. Add a little spices depends your taste.


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