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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

Top 5 delicious ‘nộm’ restaurants in Hanoi

Each ‘nộm’ dish has specific taste but in general is the pure sourness and very pleasant sweet.
Let’s drop in several delicious ‘nộm’ restaurants of Hanoi to be able to enjoy unforgettable rural flavour.

1. Pham Hong Thai Street ‘Nộm’ of Beef (Nộm thịt bò phố Phạm Hồng Thái)

In Ha Noi, ‘nộm’ of papaw and beef is the most famous dish with familiar address such as Ham Long street ‘nộm’, Ho shore ‘nộm’, Le Van Huu street ‘nộm’ or Duong Thanh street ‘nộm’…However, the most unique one we should mention is Pham Hong Thai street ‘nộm’.

"Nộm Lim"

If it names ‘nộm lim’, it is because it’s made from a very special kind of beef: Beef is devided into big pieces, looked at the surface it seems to be dry and hard like a chunk of iron wood, but when we eat, the food will find fragrant crispy outside, but soft inside; you chew more, the taste of each fibre will be sweeter and fatter. The attractive chunks of “thịt lim” with julience green papaya and the sweet and sour sauce will make a ‘nộm’ dish that those who eat also like it immediately.

Besides, come to this restaurant, people used to call an additional abundant varied dish with stomach, spleen and sinew of beef which are also very attractive and delicious dishes

Address: 26-28 Pham Hong Thai, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

2. Hoa Ma Street ‘Nộm’ of banana inflorescense (Nộm hoa chuối phố Hòa Mã)

Banana inflorescense ‘nộm’ dish doesn’t sell in many places, it is perhaps well-known in a small restaurant on Tay Son street, near the Vietnam Trade Union University. However, if you want to enjoy a little bit banana inflorescense ‘nộm’ in the area of “phố phố”, you can drop in the house at 88 Hoa Ma street, which is a rare and perennial place has sold this rural dish. The store only opens in the afternoon, from about 4:00pm with the mail goal serving for gourmets with two main dishes – beef of hoof and ‘nộm’ of banana inflorescense.

Banana inflorescense ‘nộm’: 20.000 VND/dish (~$1)

‘Nộm’ of banana inflorescense here is made very simple, only need julienne banana inflorescenses soaked and mixed with the sweet and sour liquid, then add a lot of sweet-smelling roasted sesames. So simple but when you eat, the slight acridity and the pure fragrance of banana inflorescense mingle with the fragrance of sesames make the dish become as delicious and attractive as any ‘nộm’ dishes. That is the reason why although a lot of people are not gourmets, they sometimes take advantage of the nice hungry afternoon to drop in here and have a light meal with a banana inflorescense ‘nộm’ dish, or they also buy and bring it home to sip with their family.

Address: 88 Hoa Ma, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi

3. Lan Ong Street ‘nộm’ of Chicken and Cabbage (Nộm gà bắp cải phố Lãn Ông)

‘Nộm’ of chicken and cabbage perhaps only sells on Lan Ong street. It was initially a sidewalk chicken noodle restaurant, but when the customers came here more and more crowed and the store was more well-known, the store took advantage of opportunity to create more dishes such as vermicelli and chicken soup, noodles in chicken broth, mixed noodle soup, steamed glutinous rice with chicken…Of which there is chicken ‘nộm’ which has become a favorite dish of the faithfuls who love snack.

Chicken ‘nộm’ : 25.000 VND/dish. (~ $1.2)

Chicken ‘nộm’ looks rather attractive with julienne cabbage and soft greasy filtered chicken , then add dry onion, roasted nuts, herbs and mix all with the sweet and sour sauce, will make a dish of strange taste and good quality but still keep the pure fragrance in the summer weather

Address: Pho Hanh, 67 Lan Ong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

4. Pham Hong Thai Street ‘nộm’ of jellyfish (Nộm sứa phố Phạm Hồng Thái)

‘Nộm’ of jellyfish is somewhat more opulent than mentioned ‘nộm’ dishes above, and it almost sells in restaurants or seafood stores. I’d like to introduce to you an address where can satisfy the demand of jellyfish ‘nộm’ that you needn’t be afraid about the price.

Located on Pham Hong Thai Street, near Chau Long Street, this is a popular seafood restaurant, which sells all of different types such as shrimps, crabs, clams, mussels, snails,…and most of them was rather tasty. For that reason, in the dusk, the restaurant is very crowed. Though ‘nộm’of jellyfish is not hit dish here, it is highly appreciated.

Jellyfish ‘nộm’: 50,000 VND/dish.(~ $2.2)

The advantage of jellyfish ‘nộm’ dish is crunchy, cool and high protein but not fat. Especially, a tasty nộm’ dish of jellyfish ‘need to be carefully prepared, it means that you have to crush jellyfishs in your hand so as to vanish the available fishy smell, then mix it all with raw vegetable, grow beans, peanuts and the sweet and sour liquid. Come here you can feel secure about this matter. Skills as well as the carefulness of the cooks when making jellyfish ‘nộm’ are completely standard.

Address: 42 Pham Hong Thai, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

5. Chau Long Street ‘nộm’ of pain rice flan (Nộm bánh đúc phố Châu Long)

This is perhaps the most pure and rural dish. It has neither strong taste nor bit of meat, this dish only has sliced pain rice flan, with rich and soft soup that is made from grinded peanuts, then add grow beans. And finally, it can’t help having banana inflorescene vegetables which is a little bit acrid but pure crispy and very comfortable. Although ‘nộm’ of pain rice flan is so rural, it is really missed and highly appreciated when the summer comes back.

However, it’s very hard to find any restarant that sells seriously pain rice flan, unless they are street vendors but it doesn’t mean we can find them anywhere.

The suggestion for people who love this rural dish is dropping in Chau Long Street, you will be enjoyed ‘nộm’ dish of pain rice flan as you has expected. That is a very small restaurant but selling like hot cakes located in the opposite of Chau Long market.The restaurant is opened in the afternoon, selling both hot pain rice flan and ‘nộm’of pain rice flan. Each bowl of pain rice flan is quite big and brimful but with only 12,000VND (~ $0.6)

Address: 47 Chau Long, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

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3 delicious and easy dishes make from shrimp

The shrimp dishes (such as simmered shrimp, pork braised shrimp,…) are too familiar with your family, we would introduce several variation of shrimp menus which are very interesting that you can enjoy on the weekend.

1. Grilled shrimp


Fresh Shimp: 300g; thin girdle cake: one wad; Mayonnaise sauce: 2 soup spoons; carrot: 1 bulb; manioc: ½ bulb; cooking oil; salt; pepper; onion...

Grilled shrimp Tips:

- Wash, peel and mash shrimp. Marinate with salt, pepper, onion
- Peel and julienne carrot and manioc
- Mix the shrimp, carrot, manioc with mayonnaise. Roll with girdle cake tightly to prevent soup flow outside
- Heat the oil, fry the roll until gold all. Use with chutney

2. Sour shrimp soup


Fresh Shrimp: 100g; mints, okras, pineapple, tomato, fresh pean vegetables, squeezed tamarind, coriander, cilantro

Sour shrimp soup Tips:

- Wash shrimp and cut along the body to pull out the black thread, leave the tail
- Wash and slice shrimp diagonally. Wash the bean vegetables and fennel and put them aside
- Fry onion, add tomato and mix it, add water then boil. Taste enough spice. Laddle soup out into squeezed tamarind bowl, pound it and filter tamarind juice into the pot of soup, add little sugar for strong fever. Continuously add pineapple, mint, okras and shrimp to the pot. Wait boil again, then turn off the stove and add bean vegetable and fennel.

3. Pomelo meat shrimp salad


1 Nam Roi pomelo; Fresh Shrimp: 200g; half fat and half lean meat: 150g; fried onion; scraped coconut; pepper; lemon, spices.


- Choosing heavy, thin skin and no seed pomelo will give juicy sections, sweet taste. Divide it into sections.
-Hard-boil shrimp, peel shrimp. Hard-boil and slice meat.
-How to make sweet and sour fish sauce: Chop garlic and pepper, mix with a soup spoon of fish sauce and ½ soup spoon of water. Add sugar, lemon juice and taste.

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