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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

10 Amazing Vietnamese Restaurants

Finding decent cuisine in a foreign country need not be difficult. Throughout your travels you’ll find that most major cities and towns feature not only local cuisine but foreign and international fare as well. This means finding a food you enjoy should be relatively easy.

So where in Vietnam will go for the best meals? We’ve got an astounding variety of restaurants for you to choose from in cities all over the country. Check out some of these amazing Vietnamese eateries for decadent cuisine you’ll never forget.

Image Credit: trippinlarry

10. Au Parc – Ho Chi Mihn City

In Ho Chi Minh City you’ll find the incredible Au Parc café. The café is mainly open for breakfast and lunch and serves snacks and coffee in between meals as well. The ambience inside the café is European and serves French, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern fare. Make sure you go for lunch and try a sandwich. The bacon, lettuce, and avocado on a baguette is to die for. Au Parc should be a short walk or drive from your Hoi Chi Mihn hotel depending on what part of the city you end up staying in.

9. Bon Banh Mi Bakery – Ho Chi Mihn City

Also found in Ho Chi Mihn City is the astounding Bon Banh Mi Bakery. This astounding little store is a cross between a fast food restaurant and a bakery but the sandwiches you’ll pick up are simply amazing. Imagine biting into a hero sub on a fresh baguette filled with pork sausage, pickled carrots, and dried fish flakes (amongst other things). This bakery has sandwiches that cater to the tastes of the Vietnamese public and you should definitely make at least one trip here to give them a try.

8. Bun Cha – Hanoi

Bun Cha
Image Credit: hermmermferm

In the city of Hanoi you’ll find Bun Cha, a restaurant named after its signature dish. Bun cha features a barbecue flavored pork ball served with a fish sauce on the side. You’ll have your choice of additional sides including bean sprouts, morning glory, mint, lettuce – or whatever the vendor across the street has to give the chef that day. This is an incredible lunchtime dish and if you don’t arrive early enough you may not get to try it. Make sure you ask the concierge at your hotel in Hanoi for directions!

7. No Noodles – Hanoi

Another Hanoi favorite is No Noodles – a restaurant known for turning its back on traditional Vietnamese cuisine and instead focusing on the type of sandwiches visiting Westerners will love. They specialize in using the finest meats, cheese, breads, and condiments to create fast and delicious sandwiches in no time flat. This is the perfect destination for visitors looking for a sandwich to remind them of home.

6. The Palm Tree – Phu Quoc

In the city of Phu Quoc you’ll find The Palm Tree. The Palm Tree is incredibly popular amongst resort guests and backpackers passing through the area. They serve fresh grilled seafood as well as fresh coconut meats and juices throughout the entire day. The fresh squid, garrupa, scallops, and kingfish make this delightful restaurant well worth the trip. Take some of the money you save by booking cheap Phu Quoc hotels and use it to eat here – over and over and over again.

5. Wild Rice – Hanoi

Wild Rice is one of the newest restaurants in Hanoi but is also quickly becoming one of the most popular. The ambiance inside is contemporary as are the dishes – which blend modern culinary style with traditional Vietnamese flavors and ingredients. Think yogurt-marinated chicken served with a papaya and prawn salad and you’ll only be scratching the surface when it comes to this restaurant’s incredible menu.

4. Song Hoai – Hoi An

In the Song Hoai restaurant you’ll find not only astounding Vietnamese cuisine but a menu of dishes that reflects exactly what the city of Hoi An itself has to offer. One of Hoi An’s specialties is a dish known as mi quang, featuring al dente noodles mixed with baby prawns, pork, and a delicious broth. If you want to taste this local dish you need to have it at Song Hoai – and make sure you have a bahn bao banh vat (steamed dumpling) while you’re there.

3. Evason Anna Mandara & Six Senses Spa – Nha Trang

Evason Anna Mandara

Most of the restaurants we’ve featured so far have been independently owned but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a delicious meal in one of Vietnam’s stunning hotels. In Nha Trang you’ll find that the restaurants within the Evason Anna Mandara & Six Senses Spa serve some of the finest Western-infused Vietnamese cuisine in the area. Every dish, regardless of its inspiration, is made with fresh ingredients purchased from local markets. Don’t be turned off by the spa experience, either – there are plenty of other affordable hotels in Nha Trang and you can stay in one of those in between visits to Evason Anna Mandara for meals.

2. La Fourchette – Ho Chi Minh City

Also found in Ho Chi Minh City is the incredible La Fourchette restaurant. This tiny French bistro gives visitors an opportunity to take a break from Vietnamese style foods and instead enjoy other delicacies – like buttery escargots.

1. Pho 24 – Ho Chi Minh City

Pho 24

Pho is, of course, a favorite dish in Vietnam and one you’ll find listed on almost every restaurant menu. It is fun, however, to eat in a restaurant that features the national dish. Pho 24 is actually a chain that feels somewhat like a fast food restaurant  except the quality of the pho – highlighted with the flavors of clove, anise, and ginger – is far above what you’d come to expect from a quick stop. Pho is a favorite dish all day long – including breakfast.

Are you hungry yet? We are! Pack your bags and hop on the first flight to Vietnam. No matter what city you end up in you’re bound to find a spectacular local restaurant serving spectacular Vietnamese fare. Make sure you give it a try!


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