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Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food was..."Vietnamese!" I quickly replied, "At least for the moment."

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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

Pork ribs noodle in Ha Noi - bun bung

If "hủ tiếu" (noodle with seasoned and sauté beef) is a typical and popular dish in the South, then it is "bún bung" in the North especially in Ha Noi to be a very much familiar dish. "Bún bung" (pork ribs noddle) has been described in books written by Thach Lam (Thạch Lam) as the most special dish of ancient Ha Noi of 36 ancient streets, a simple but very much attractive to many people.

A day at ease, it is not so difficult if you really want to entertain your friends "bún bung". A lean pig's trotter, Indian taro, some tomato, rice vermicelli, some tamarind, spring onion, dried onion, crocus powder, eryngium, and coriander are needed to make "bún bung".

You may find this dish at every alley in Ha Noi. "Bún bung" may be nowadays less popular in terms of its name since it has been nicely called as "bún chân giò" (rice vermicelli with pig's trotters). It is sold the best at small shops since its price matches ordinary people's budget and taste of the Vietnamese even old people, kids or drinkers. Old people often have stewed lean trotters while skinny ones or pig's feet are much loved by drinkers.

"Bún bung" is delicious in terms of its braised without being crushed pig's trotters; its sauce is scented, pretty sweet and sour. Yellow color of the sauce and tomato's color with green color of Indian taro are really inviting.

In Ha Noi, you may enjoy this "bún bung" made by a truly-born-in-HaNoi man, near the dormitory of Academy of Journalism and Communication. This dish at this shop fits students' budget since it is cheap; the shop is much clean with good service. These factors have made this shop attract lots of customers.

It is not difficult to make "Bún bung". Hence, every family can make this simple but delicious dish themselves. It does not only show good care toward others but also express affections. 


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