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Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food was..."Vietnamese!" I quickly replied, "At least for the moment."

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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

A Vietnamese Pho restaurant in Australia

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House brings a bit of Marrickville over to Enmore. About bloody time :-)

We always though a smart way to make money would be to open up a Marrickville style hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese joint in Enmore or Newtown. Well somebody has finally done it. Yes we have Pho 236 up on King Street Newtown which is excellent value but never as tasty as the classic joints of Marrickville. Pho Sure is the real deal.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House is a Tardis of a place, from the outside it looks like a takeaway joint with a couple of tables for loiterers. Inside is a cavernous eating hall, sparse but freshly renovated. There's lots of room here, a good cheap, no-frills option if you have big group, BYO welcome.

We visit on a Thursday night and are surprised at how many diners are here considering Pho Sure has only been open a couple of months, and it's a tough location for a restaurant, very tough, on a busy road devoid of pedestrian traffic. Plus the opening hours are 5pm to 9pm only (the owner has a day gig as well).

Inside there's a joyous cacophony to the place, and impossibly cute Vietnamese kiddies running around having a ball, for a moment I'm back in Vietnam. We get the feeling we will be spending a lot of time here over summer, with a six pack from the Warren View Hotel down the road.

Help yourself condiments, cutlery, water and tea.

Condensed milk in my coffee, just like Vietnam, it's dessert and coffee all in one.

Special combination pho - pho dac biet- $9.50 small, $10.50 large. This is a small one and it's huge. The combination comes with rare beef, well done briskets, tendon and tripe. This is quite a good pho, thumbs up.

Fried Squid Ball - cha muc chien - $7.50. Lightly fried balls of manufactured squiddy fun.

Grilled Pork with Vermicilli - bun thit nuong - $9.50. A big generous serve, the pork has lovely caramel flavours, pour the sweet chilli sauce on top and mix it all together, drool.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House Menu - click to enlarge.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House Menu - click to enlarge.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House Menu - click to enlarge.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House Menu - click to enlarge.

Pho Sure Vietnamese Noodle House is at 37-39 Stanmore Road, Enmore, corner of Liberty Street, a block from Enmore Road and almost across the road from the Warrenview Hotel were you can grab some brewskies for byo. Pho Sure is open from 5pm-9pm only, 7 days per week.


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