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Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food was..."Vietnamese!" I quickly replied, "At least for the moment."

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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

Mid Autumn Festival Moon Cakes

tet trung thu

Tet Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival) is quickly upon us. Being a predominantly agricultural society, Tet Trung Thu is one in all the foremost vital festivals in Vietnam to mark the tip of the harvest season. Like several harvest moon festivals celebrated in Asia, it's held within the eighth lunar month and this year is on Sept. 22, when the moon is at its brightest at this point of the year. Influenced by Chinese tradition, Vietnam's competition conjointly incorporates it's own folks lores and differs in that it specifically celebrates youngsters in addition because the land's bounty.

Think of it as a mix of Thanksgiving and Halloween, a time for families to urge along and provides thanks however conjointly a time to celebrate youngsters by giving them gifts and inspiring diligence and study through ancient folks lores. within the past, families would pay time along to create lanterns from bamboo and paper, however currently adays low-cost plastic lanterns are a lot of common place. within the weeks before, families refill on Banh Trung Thu (Mid Autumn competition Moon Cakes) to fancy throughout the vacation in addition on provide to friends and family.

Banh Trung Thu has an outer dough of skinny pastry, rolled flat and smoothed around a ball of filling, typically lotus nut paste or mixed nuts. historically the filling conjointly includes alittle preserved egg yolk that represents the moon. Once the outer shell covers the filling, the baker places it into a spherical mould, flattens it so the look is imprinted, and whacks it out with a loud bang! Then, they finished the mooncakes with an eggwash glaze and thoroughly placed in an oven. Banh Trung Thu may also be created with a soft shell of glutinous rice, conjointly known as banh deo. Moon cakes are often quite elaborate and every cake may be a treasured gift throughout the vacation.  Moon cakes are usually terribly made tasting, and sometimes cut into little parts to savor with family and friends over tea. alternative symbolic spherical foods also are served, like grapefruit, pomegranates, apples, and grapes. Vietnamese families would then fancy the snacks whereas watching the celebration and admiring the gorgeous, luminous moon. And a lot of importantly, surrounded by their youngsters.
Children would parade around with their brightly lit lanterns, enjoy dragon dances, and sing songs. One popular song called Ruoc Den Trung Thu goes like this:

Lyrics in Vietnamese:
Tet trung thu ruoc den di choi.
Em ruoc den di khap pho phuong.
Long vui suong voi den trong tay
Em mua ca trong anh trang ram.
Den ong sao voi den ca chep
den thien nga voi den buom buom
em ruoc den nay den cung trang.
Den xanh lo voi den tim tim.
Den xanh lam voi den trang trang
Trong anh den ruc ro muon mau.

Lyrics in English:
At Mid-autumn festival,
walk around with lanterns lit.
Take them all across the town,
singing to the autumn moon.
Lanterns all in different shapes, lantern angel, lantern dream,
Lantern fish, or lantern star, lantern swan or butterfly.
Take my lantern to the sky;
take my lantern to the moon!

banh trung thu

This year we're lucky to relish these attractive moon cakes created by a non-profit organization referred to as Mam Non, created over ten years ago so as to fulfill the wants of metro-Detroit families adopting youngsters from Vietnam likewise because the bigger Asia.  Founded by a university friend, Linh Song, the cluster has been creating Banh Trung Thu for past four years to lift cash for his or her mentoring program for ladies adopted from Asia.  They match them with young Asian yank ladies, a number of whom are adopted. the women named it GIFT, short for Growing in Friendship along. every year their oldsters work with the program organizers, mentors, and bakery house owners over a 2-3 day amount cranking out many mooncakes. this is often the first fundraiser for Mam Non that is otherwise unfunded and completely staffed by volunteers.

The expertise of baking along has created stronger bonds than any batter and dough. whereas weighing and rolling out balls of filling and dough, the adoptees and mentors say their mutual anxiety growing up being Asian yank adoptees and also the emotional outbursts that comes with pre-teen hormones. They say birthparents in Vietnam, China, or Korea. the whole method is exhausting however quite a feat for the tiny cluster as they bake many these cakes and ship everywhere the globe.

banh trung thu

These women are busily creating lotus, red bean, and pineapple flavored moon cakes as you browse this so that they may be freshly sent to your door. Please support Asian yank adoptees of Mam Non and also the GIFT program by enjoying these delicious banh trung thu and buying them via their web site or the link below.


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