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This website collect all information professionals about: Vietnamese food, vietnamese food recipes, vietnamese food Culture, pho soup, beef, rice noodles, seafood ....It is very important and useful if you want to have a tour in vietnam. And that is not bad idea for your taste.
Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food was..."Vietnamese!" I quickly replied, "At least for the moment."

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Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea, referred to as East Sea (Vietnamese: Biển Đông), to the east. With a population of over 86 million, Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world.

Hue's sweet soups

Hue has tens of  luxury sweet soups, they are snobbish or popular. Each type of sweet soup has a special aromatic flavour individually. Hue's people are skillful at cooking, the people are finical and precise about their food, so, they can cook many strange sweet soups, delicious and nutritious.

There are a certain number of elevated sweet soups as lotus seed sweet soup, sweet  fresh longan and lotus seed , pomegranate seeds sweet soup, Sweet taro with coconut milk, areca spadix sweet soup ... Some popular sweet soup such as sweet corn pudding,  Vietnamese sweet rice dumplings In ginger syrup, millet sweet soup, taro sweet soup, Vietnamese dessert bean soup, Vietnamese dessert soup with mung beans, red bean sweet soup, mixed sweet soup,  Indian taro sweet soup, oppositifolius yam sweet soup,...

Cồn Hến Sweet corn pudding:  To talk about Hue sweet soup, the people can not but talk about Sweet corn pudding.  Because this is typical sweet soup of Hue's people. Hue's people want to cook the sweet corn pudding, they must use new corncob in Con Hen. Then the people scrape the corncob meat out. when cooking the sweet corn pudding, they are combined with finest flour and white sugar until thick, the sweet corn pudding has rustic fragrance of new corncob.

Sweet rice and roast pork soup: Sweet rice and roast pork soup is made from roast pork , is cut small pieces (including skin of pork and pork), a thick layer of glutinous flour encloses the pieces of  roast pork. Then  pour all of them into the syrup to boil. This sweet soup has both sweet taste and salty taste,so don't lose appetite.

Lotus seed sweet soup and sweet  fresh longan and lotus seed: they are elegant sweet soup, are made from lotus seeds in Tinh Tam lake.

Lotus seed sweet soup follows the Hue style cooking, is steamed cooked, then is cook with refined sugar or sugar candy until lightly boiling. The sweetness of the sugar is fully absorbed into the lotus seeds then stop cooking.

Purple colocasia sweet soup:

This dish is preferred by  many visitors because the color and flavour. The sweet soup is made from purple taro, coconut milk then to cook. Add a little sugar but do not to lose the smell of coconut. Sweet soup is aromatic and sweet.

Vietnamese White Bean Pudding

The sweer soup is soft but still keep the intact beans. Add a little roasted peanuts and coconut milk. Coconut milk increases for the greasy taste for glass of sweet soup,  roasted peanut has a waft of aroma.

Mixed sweet soup

It is synthesised from many types of sweet soup such as green beans sweet  soup, red beans sweet  soup, Sweet rice soup ... Add a little ice and coconut milk into a glass of sweet  soup.

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"Don Quang Ngai" in Saigon

After many days to rummage everywhere,I also found a shop which sold shell-fish soup .It is a folk dish,it is identified oneself with the childhood of many peoples who were born in Quang Ngai.

The rainy afternoons of Saigon made me to remember the sweet-smelling flavour of baked girdle cake. For this reason,I searched for a few sites, then I went to find a dish which was identified oneself with a section of my memories.

Because it is different from other dishes, Quang Ngai shell-fish soup only have a bowl of sauce with a  few small shell-fishes, a little onion and baked girdle cake. It is simple like this, but it went deep into the hearts of humans who were born in Quang Ngai.

Shell-fish is a type of dark yellow shellfish that looks like a canarium with thin shell, usually found in brackish waters in Tra Khuc river and Ve river(Quang Ngai province).

Shell-fish is cooked with a very simple way. Specifically,Shell-fishes after are catched or purchased, are washed and boiled in a pot with rule 1: 2 (two bowls of water per bowl of shell-fish). When boiled, peoples use chopsticks to move around to shell are came apart. When the customers order, the seller using a small spoon to ladle soup out into bowls, add a little onion, small spring onion, a little girdle cake which are torn into many small pieces as same as Quang noodles and pour the soup into the bowl.
Shell-fish soup can also be used for cooking soup and porridge. It can also be cooked and served with noodle.

The small shell-fishes

The girdle cakes are torn into the small pieces.

To enjoy special food such as steamed anchovies and baked girdle cakes ,Vietnamese corn egg rolls,barbecue rolls... they are charming Quang taste.

Vietnamese corn egg rolls

Steamed anchovies and baked girdle cakes

Tuna and rice vermicelli soup.

Open from 8h to 22h daily, the prices of them from 15,000VND to 50,000 VND.
Address: Quan Bot, 183E Nguyen Van Dau street, P.11, Binh Thanh district,Ho Chi Minh city.

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The original noshes of Vietnamese cuisine (Mon an vat)

Although are ranked into the cheap dishes but baked girdle cakes, boiled bananas, Vietnamese-style popiah (Bo bia) ... attract foreign tourists or the peoples who come to the big city for the first time.

Baked girdle cakes

No one knows the original of baked girdle cakes, only know at each tourist destination, it makes the traveller must to feel pleased with the hot and crispy baked girdle cakes,the sweet-smelling and greasy flavour of quail eggs or chicken eggs, the greasy taste of Vietnamese fried shallots in the cold winds and on the crowded streets.

Visitors can find baked girdle cakes before the gates of school, at the park with prices is from 5,000 - 10,000 VND.

Baked chicken egg

Many people think that the egg shell is made from lime, inflammable,so the quail eggs, chicken eggs,duck eggs are very  roasted duck is very difficult for them to bake,but this opinion is very mistake. Although they have the egg shell like this but only using a razor blade to pierce a small hole on the top of the egg shells, baked on high heat for about 5 minutes as you have baked chicken eggs with fragrant flavour,greasy.

Large banana and growing banana

If you saw the bananas with small size, about two fingers, you would be surprised to see the bananas with more big size. Like large banana, characteristic of growing banana is that you can't  eat if you haven't boiled. It is crunchy and sweet.

Grilled bananas

Grilled bananas is most popular in Central Vietnam and South Vietnam, but each place has a different process of cooking, This place, it is peeled and grilled over the fire, other place,It is combined with glutinous rice or shredded coconut , or is wrapped in banana leaves. But the most sophisticated grilled bananas which is sold in Saigon with thick sticky rice, add a little coconut milk, greasy, roasted sesame.

Baked Manioc cake

If the grilled bananas attract every one with the bananas has been singed, so baked manioc cake attract visitors with strong fragrance of the baked cake and sweet-smelling,greasy, very sweet flavour of folk cakes.

Vietnamese-style popiah

Stir-fried jicama and carrots, Chinese sausage, shredded scrambled eggs, all wrapped with vermicelli noodle in a rice paper roll. Dipped into a spicy peanut sauce.

Candy floss

Made from a spoon of sugar, after are poured the grinder, into a candy floss which is soft as cotton,sweet and melted on the tongue. Besides, people also like candy floss  because it has sparkling colour.

Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad with Beef Jerky

Flavour of papaya combine with charming broth, the slices of cow lung is soft, peanuts are crispy,fennel, beef jerky salad is easy to eat,don't feel depressed.

Mixed dry pancake

Mixed dry pancake presents on many streets, alleys,mixed dry pancake is a  synthetic dish. It is combined from many spices such as kumquat, mangoes,fragrant khotweed, peanuts, dry pancake, beef jerky.

Vietnamese Fried Flour cake

The pieces of fried egg  stand out from fried rice flour, is served with soya-sauce,It is  hard to resist the strong fragrance of fried flour cake.

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Ho Chi Minh City's Street Food

Having many simple things in life that we rarely pay attention to them. Among them has the cheapjacks,we see,talk them and buy the foods every day, But may be we never know Where they come from. The life is busy with worries,everyone seems to forget interested in them,but no one knows it can warm the hearts of them. The following are the pictures in Sài Gòn which are photographed by me.

Hopefully, My photos will reminisce about a distant Saigon!

To took a photograph on Nguyen Van Cu street. This road  has many delivery tricycle which are used to sale fruit.

To took a photograph on Ly Thai To roundabout. He looks worrying about his delivery tricycle, I feel great sympathy for him.

To took a photograph on Tran Hung Dao street. In a midday,The sun was burning hot. The yellow color of the fruit jars as penetrate into your eyes.

On An Duong Vuong street. Bicycle which are used to sale peddled wares.

To took a photograph at Hoa Binh market. In the early morning on sunday, have fews customers.

To took a photograph on Truong Dinh street. The delivery tricycle with many bananas, the bananas were ripening in a riot of yellow, but the peddler still talked with other persons.

To took a photograph on Su Van Hanh street. A Saigon as after the curtain of food street.

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Mud-fish porridge (chao ca loc)

A secret of cooking delicious and sweet-smelling mud-fish porridge is the stage of roasting the rice before cooking.

The first, you buy a mud- fish, It's weigh is 400g, scale the fish, to remove the gill then you wash it, to keep the fish intact.


150g ordinary rice
0.5g roasted rice
Mud- fish
Scallions, dill, spices, pepper ...

Processing form: 

The porridge
Genre: Appetizers
Local: Viet Nam
Main Ingredients: rice, mud- fish


  1. To pour the fish in the pot to boiled, then to remove it from the pot, to pick the meat of fish.
  2. To pour the fishbone, the head of fish and roasted rice into the pot to stew until tender. When the rice porridge is cooked, to remove the head of fish, to pour the meat of fish in to the porridge pot, add a little spices, to boil again.
  3. Add onion and chopped eryngo (or dill ) into the bowl, to ladle porridge out into bowls, add a little pepper, a few slices of chillies.

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Three delicious dishes are made from the pork

The pork is usually processed into multiform dishes, combined with other spices.The pork is also easy to process with many vegetables. The following are three delicious dishes which are made from the pork  and easy to make.

Pig's tripes soup

Before slaughter the swine, poured a little rices in a pot to boiled. A root of ginger is buried under ash,it is took out and smashed then pour it into the pot. The swine has slaughtered,to remove the blood along the  swine's spine pour into the pot. To take out  the pig's tripes,to cut out, to mix with onion,pepper and fish sauce. Pig's smal intestine is the most sweet-smelling delicious.

The pig's tripes and Pig's smal intestine are poured the pot. About 5 minutes,to stop cooking,To fish pig's smal intestine out from the pot,to cut them into pieces,then show in the disk. Pig's tripes soup is served with spearmint, green onion and coriander.

Boiled pork

There are many ways to boiled the pork, here to introduce the easiest way to implement:

-The pork is washed as soon as you bought it, not washed before boiling, pour the pork into the pot with the water.
- A few hot peppers (about 5-10 hot peppers for 1 kg meat) are soaked in the boiling water for hot peppers are soft, to remove water,To rub a scratch time and again with spoon with hot peppers, pour the water into the mixture, to reject hot pepper grounds and hot pepper seeds.
-  Sweet basil is washed,a few pip bananas and a little hog-wash.
-All of them are poured  into the meat' pot,to boil.


Boiled meat is removed out from the pot but do not dip the meat in a liquid and to drain on a banana leaf.The meat is sliced, also is put in the banana leaves before show them in the disk. With this way, 90% of fat are disposed. Banana leaf makes the meat is tastier.

Sauce: Coriander (whole trees, their roots), garlices are dried in the fire, crushed ,are mixed  with delicious fish sauce. Add a little water of chillies and thin-skinned sweet orange juice.

Stewed pork

Taro(whittle the peel), sweet potatoes (don't whittle the peel), green beans, glutinous rice, almonds are smashed,then to pour them in the pot. To pour fresh meat (any parts of the swine,the best part is leg of pork or bone of pork) in the pot to stew. When the meat is cooked, remove them and are soaked in alcohol made of sticky rice. Soak about 30-60 minutes then come back into the pot, add flowers cloves, cinnamon ino the pot, to continue the stews. Add a little spices depends your taste.

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